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Posted in web by ycc2106 on Fri. 4 Nov. 2005

I’ve been searching a way to manage my del.icio.us bookmarks since I use Flock.

As it’s so easy to add a page with no tags, I have 122 system:unfiled, “tags”(bookmarks with no tags) And I’m not the only one.
I come across a del.icio.us user with loads of “system:unfiled”as well, you can be quit sure that he also uses Flock.

I’ve searched apps that could help me manage my del.icio.us, like Cocoalicious for Mac Os X.
Cocoalicious is like the Flock’s favorites manager… but cocoa, so it’s a bit like if you had Safari and Flock’s favorite manager and you don’t have a full window view of the page. But the tag manegement works much smoothly than with Flock, so I thought I’d use it to clean up, as like in Flock you can drag and drop link on the tags.
I’ll put am image and you’ll understand right away:
Flickr Photo

I also had tried delicious loader: online web service that lets you load a bookmark file with the possibility to add the same tag to all the links, then once loaded, to add them one by one, a bit too much work for me.
Foxylicious: Firefox extension, that syncs del.icio.us to Firefox, and so deletes the ones not in del.icio.us… I’d prefer the other way around.
Bookmarklets and now greasemonkey user scripts.

This one is very good “tag rename/delete:

“del.icio.us “tag rename/delete? scriptIn del.icio.us to rename a tag or delete it you have to go to your settings page. The GreaseMonkey userscript tag rename/delete user script allows you to rename or delete the tag without moving to the settings page.When this userscript is used. Before every tag, you get two links: « that allows you to rename the tag and x that allows you to delete the tag.Snapshot of userscript at work:

“Tech Reconnoitre » Blog Archive » del.icio.us “tag rename/delete? script

If you know of any better way to manage, please tell me!

Also here are a buch of links to bookmarklet that help del.icio.us, that I use:

Incase you want to see other resource links I have talked about in the past, I’ve gathered them here.

I find typing the word “del.icio.us” very tiering and I can’t think of an appropiate short name for it(delic?), so added to my snipplets in Textpander, that’s why I’ve typed it completly many times, a great mac app I couldn’t live without any more!

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