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Posted in web by ycc2106 on Tue. 8 Nov. 2005

Mozilla Corporation, with the support of Alienware and O’Reilly & Associates, has a great set of prizes in store for the contest winners. Alienware will provide Grand Prize category winners with a custom designed Alienware Aurora® 7500 Firefox Edition PC — blazing fast gear that will make you the envy of all other Mozilla developers.

Extend Firefox

Wow! An Alien Aurora! I haven’t made any extensions, have you?

My favorit extension is…

I have so many, I can’t just choose one. So I’ll list the ones I use most:

  • Make Link: Safari has this intergrated, makes you lazy and then addicted, now I can’t live without it. I’m a bad typer anyway, sometimes I prefer to quickly load a page and do “make HTML link” than remembering the URL and typing it.
  • HTML Validator: I try to look at the icon in statusbar to see if there are any errors.
  • Flat Bookmark Manager: So I don’t have to go though “properties”, I prefer this to Safari’s system, where you double click to edit.
  • History Menu: This should allways be there.
  • Web Developer Toolbar: Also a “can’t live without”(will he win?).
  • Colorzilla: What I use most in this one, is the dom path feature.
  • GreaseMonkey: But I can’t put too many scripts because I don’t have Alienware…

These are the ones I have thought of now, but I have at least 30 extensions, I’m sure I forgot some “can’t live without” ones.


Wonder witch extension going to win.

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