del.icio.us: tool or tools?

Posted in web by on Wed. 9 Nov. 2005

tool or tools? resource or resources?

What to tag?

I always wonder when tagging a page, so I viewed del.icio.us/tag/ clouds to see what is most used.
There seems to be no rule: blog and blogs were the same size, as tutorial and tutorials, article and articles, exemption was games, witch was bigger than game but books, comics, graphics, jobs, maps, resources, tips and tools are plural.
I use tool for when there’s one tool and tools when there are several, but it’s not very logic because sometimes there are only two.
So what to do?

Looking at del.icio.us/tag/tools, you’ll notice that some are for lists of tools, but most are for just one tool. But for a word like resource is much difficult to define, somewhere it’s compared to the taggers knowledge resource, one resource is full of resources…depends.

There’s also the language to think about. I’d imagine that if you’re french, you would tag in French. So I tried del.icio.us/tag/voiture and came upon only french links. I tried this in other social bookmarking places but didn’t get much or any. That’s what so good about del.icio.us, lots of people use it.

One thing I’d like to see is the total number of links under each tag, so then I could really compare between resource and resources, more for statistical reasons.

About the new query syntax:

” “ (quotes), ( ) (parentheses), (minus), tag:, AND, OR, NOT, XOR.
(bacon XOR ham) cheese gets you bacon and cheese, or ham and cheese, but not bacon, ham and cheese.

From of: del.icio.us: find the URL of your dreams.

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