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Posted in web by ycc2106 on Thu. 10 Nov. 2005

Only one invite per persone:
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At least for those like me that came with Flock.

Gmail gave me 100!

So if you want a WP blog, even if there seems to be lots of greats free blogs out there, well you’ll have to download Flock

There are a lot of web services that comes with blogs now, and blog services, that I don’t know witch to choose, I tried to get information but to actually sign-in, is the best way to find out what’s what.

So even if I don’t use them much or at all, I have a Yahoo blog, a Opera blog, an old Blogger blog… and a Bloglines blog!

Like if I could manage all that! I should be writing all day if I wanted to get them all “living”.

In a quick description, I can say Opera and Yahoo ressemble, you can’t change or manage the dates, nor save drafts, but opera lets you completly restyle by letting you have a stylesheet.
Blogger is the only one that gives you complete access to the template and is also the only one that lets me put javascript in the head, but none, it seems support javascript in the body.

That’s nice, but there are other considerations: the community side of things.

As Opera and Yahoo have groups and forums, you get a “add to friends” button, that lets you know when your new friends write a new post, and people get to know each other, or eveb if they’re not listed in your friends list you can quickly find there blog, forum posts… That’s what I didn’t like about Blogger, they give lots of liberty, but on the other hand you get spam comments, like: Your blog realy cought my eye, I love it! Maybe you would be interessted in… and you never hear of them again.

That dosen’t seem to happen here, or dose it?
And as for Bloglines, well it’s more like a side-supplement to their service. No features.

I’ll write longer about this one day, when I find out a bit more.

You know any that does support javascript, without the need of my own installation? Please tell me.
Or maybe you found THE perfect blog? where is it?

It’s not that I’m unstatisfied, it’s just that… I want the best?

Don’t know what I’m doing wrong today can’t get to load an image from the WP editor, and then I can’t center it neither. What am I doing that’s wrong, tried with style=”text-align:center” and <center> tag, what’s up?

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