Flock extensions update:

Posted in web by ycc2106 on Sun. 13 Nov. 2005

Post updated.
I’ve been using Flock Tinderbox versions, and it seems they need 2 launches…or maybe it’s the extensions, but they work fine after the first launch.
I’ll be posting these to the adminid extensions list, but it may take time.
So mean while:

ScrapBook 0.18.0: Works fine, but may need to launches. ScrapBook_flock.xpi Gomita
Flat Bookmark Editing 0.7.5: Works fine
Flat Bookmark Editing, Firefox extension
Mozilla Update:More Info
LinkChecker 0.4.3: Works fine linkchecker.xpi kevinfreitas
Mozilla Update:More Info
Quicknote 0.6.2: Works fine quicknote.xpi jedbrown.net
Image wrapper 0.3: Works image_wrapper.xpi Mozilla Update:More Info
Searchstatus 1.9: Works fine searchstatus.xpi Ihoss Extensions
Mozilla Update:More Info
Make Link 2.0.1: Does not work correctly, adds a funtion at the end on every link. makelink.xpi SoylentRed.net

Mozilla Update:More Info
BB Tags 0.9.1: Works, but pref window takes time, an error message pops up but you can still configure it. tagbb.xpi Ihoss Extensions
Mozilla Update:More Info

The Ultimate Flock Extensions List
Adminid Extensions List, there are now more and more oficail versions!

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  1. LouCypher said,

    Flat Bookmark Editing and ScrapBook added to adminid.

  2. ycc2106 said,

    Clipmarks 0.9.2 also added

  3. TrueSatan said,

    I’m trying to update the adminid pages with more information on the items we offer…unfortunately Mozilla Update have de-listed Image Wrapper and I can’t find any details regarding its provenance…can you help? If so please give a link for more information about the extension and a brief description of its function(s).

    Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

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