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Posted in web by ycc2106 on Tue. 15 Nov. 2005

What do you surf for?
Why are you here?

I know that I’m here because I’m interested in the why and what’s of the web.
Just very curious.

After going around the web, to satify my curiosity I switched from being an passive user to an active user in July.
Built up a site, with content I think people would like by putting stuff I would like too see.
Put in a counter and submitted it places I don’t have to sign up*.

I have read lots of different things about boosting traffic, and I remember someone saying that the best thing to do after submiting your site is waite, time will work.
Is that true?

Well, I have noticed that my stats are going up slowly and regularly. I think in the beginning it will be x2 curve, well it looks like it and I hope so, but it’s a bit short to say yet. Check here: my stats

Have any good tips?

*I’ve already registered to so many web services, like social bookmarks, forums… over 20 places I use regularly! I think that’s a lot, no?
How many do you have?

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  1. Topper said,

    I’m here because I was researching other tools for webmasters. Shameless plug here, but http://quimble.com is another nice tool for bloggers, and website owners. Lets you easily manage and add polls to your site.

  2. ycc2106 said,

    Thanks cool! 🙂

  3. ycc2106 said,

    Yup, well I started a pol to find out what website analyzer is best:
    seems to be google for the moment.

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