Blogger, WP, MySpace?

Posted in web by ycc2106 on Sat. 3 Dec. 2005

I’m still hesitating between a Blogger and this.
it’s hard to compare as WP online version is still beta.

I had a look at MySpace, witch seems to give lots of add-ons of a different kind, as some pages had the main block 2/3 outside my Firefox browser window, there’s a big chance it’s for IE users. So… you know what I mean?
And MySpace looks more like a dating blog with lots of sexy profile photos, by the way their slogan is “A place for friends”.
…depends what you mean by friend.
The main page is the profile page…

For the moment I prefere Blogger even if it gives more work, as I’m mainly interested in Blogging for learning and testing.

Comparing Editors, both let you load images, both have wysiwyg views, exempt that for WP the change has to be made though the settings, so it’s bit of a nusance. For Blogger it’s just swiching tabs.
I still don’t understand how to load images here, it say to drag and drop, but if I do I just get the thumbnail link in no tags. Removing the “thumb-” makes you get the real size, “Click for more options” does not work.

WordPress Editor:
wp editor
WP is promessing, have all those categories and other stuff on the side, a paragraph and line break button would be nice.
And if I had my own instalation I would be looking at all those plug-ins!

Blogger Editor:
Blogger Editor
Blogger let’s me completely restyle, let’s me use javascript, use the embed tag.
I tried to embed a Webjay player here and it didn’t work so I ended up posting it here.

Petty there are not much possibilities for people like me with no domain name nor host space, (I’ve got some space with my connection but no cgi)
I don’t feel ready to start investing, maybe the day I really find something worth sharing I will but mean while I’ll just stick to 3spots. This doesn’t mean you can’t make something out of it: Quick Online Tips is a good example.
Talking about Domains, found a good explanation of how you could use a dynamic one: Give your Mac OS X computer a hostname with DynDNS