WordPress 2.0 tabs features overview

Posted in web by ycc2106 on Sat. 8 Apr. 2006

After reading Lorelle‘s Customizing Your WordPress.com Theme Sidebar post, I came back to see if this widgets was also available for hosted versions.
Well it is! 🙂


You can drag and drop to sort the order of each sidebar item.

This is great! I love all these Ajax features, everything goes so smoothly, everything re-sortable by drag and drop!

So the number 2.0 fits in very well here, it is web2.0 now. – Whatever it means.

So this is for those who are hesitating and want to know what you’ll get when you sign-in, here are the features:
Hosted version, by tabs: Image


  • Dashboard tab:
    + Overview and links to help and edit sections.
    +Blog Stats.
  • Write tab:
    + write post (with image uploading, optional Excerpts, trackbacks )
    + write page (example, the ‘Blog Add ons Collection‘ is a page)
    + A ‘press it’ bookmarklet (like the blogthis bookmarklet)
  • Manage tab:
    + Posts
    + Pages
    + Categories
    + Comments
    + Awaiting Moderation (comments to moderate)
    + Invites (WordPress invitations and how many you have left. Though there’s no need of it any more.)
    + Akismet Spam (Akismet‘s considered Spam comments to moderate.)
  • Bookmarks tab:
    + Manage Bookmarks (the links in the sidebar)
    + Add Bookmark (one by one, manually add links to a category)
    + Import Bookmarks (import an OMPL file to a category.)
  • Presentation tab:
    + Themes (31 to be exact!)
    + Sidebar Widgets (re-ordering items in the sidebar.)
  • Users tab:
    + Your Profile (name, blog URL…)
    + Authors & Users (to list other writers)
  • Options tab:
    + General (Blog title, Description, Language…)
    + Writing (Size of the post box, Formatting, Default post category, Default bookmark category)
    + Reading (how many posts to show on the front page, blog pages and Syndicated Feeds)
    + Discussion (options for pinging, email notification, comment moderation with a red list of spam keywords.)
    + Delete Blog
  • Import tab:
    + Movable Type / Typepad: Import posts and comments from your Movable Type or Typepad blog from their export file.
    + Blogger: Import posts and comments from a Blogger account.

Personaly I often had my browser crashing when uploading files, but here everything worked without ANY problem. Very cool!
Very cool!
Very cool!
Very cool!
Very cool!

If I wasn’t interested in designing my own layout I would definitely choose WordPress!