Blog Add ons Collection

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Cool stuff you can add to you blog:

Sorry, WordPress.com does not support javascript, so I can only show you example that don’t use any.(go here if you want to see them and there are much more!)

Add to Delicious Javascript
Code for adding the page to del.icio.us.

Creative Commons button
Creative Commons License
Protect your creations.

Help Fight Spam

Google PageRank Checker – blogflux.com

Google PageRank Checker Tool

Google PageRank Tool – boastology.com
Script. Has 6 styles to choose from.

iWEBTOOL PageRank Button

add-to-protopage-mini.gif (GIF Image, 35x17 pixels)
AJAX personal start page and bookmarks springboard, Put an ‘Add to Protopage’ button on your web site, and make it easy for your visitors to return more often.

Spam Poison

Whenever a spammer’s robot scans your page, it will be sucked into this button.

UrlTrends My PageRank buttons
Get your Google PageRank

Sloganizer Image generator.

generated by sloganizer.net

Generate a random slogan Image for a Given word in 8 different styles in BBcode or HTML, also has a Sloganizer Text generator (php). This is so fun I put it eveywhere!


Subscribe to RSS Feed

Free service that allows you to replace all of your RSS feed subscription buttons on your blog with one button, your users be able to choose from 38 RSS readers.-login requiered.

Add a clock,linkbox, photobox, soundbox or a weather box. You’ll need access to the “head” for the javascripts.

I’ll be adding more, mean while you can visite:
BLOG & WEB SITE ADD-ONS @ycc2106 the place where I realy collect all the online tools!
You know any other I can put up here? Tell me!


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  1. […] Write tab: + write post (with image uploading, optional Excerpts, trackbacks also ) + write page (the Blog Add ons Collection is a page)+ A ‘press it’ bookmarklet (blogthis bookmarklet) […]

  2. Michael Z. said,

    I’m very, very impressed that this sort of work is being done; Web Design is getting stagnant with people using just styled
    block-level elements to produce artwork. The incorporation of SVG into sites excites me a lot.
    How long do you expect it will take for this sort of technology to be widespread?
    Obviously you can only speak about WebKit realistically, but if it’s going to take ten years for IE Win to gain (full) support,
    we can’t design with it.
    I’m amused by the “Becoming more important” line in the first paragraph. This has been a HUGE problem for years –
    ever since HTML-2.0 was introduced to be more of a layout language and less of a markup language. For an example,
    you just have to look at this site. sex partners Why is all the text
    crammed over on the left side of the page with a big blank space on the right side?
    Why is the default font tiny and unreadable? Fortunately most browsers now let you override the latter problem.

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